We all have a story.

Enjoy Your Story

The most amazing part of Whyte Cross is the people we meet, each with a unique story of their own. Everything that has led us to this moment, and what we do with it now are valuable and very much worth sharing. Enjoy the stories here, and we would be honoured to hear yours next.


Spinal Dural Fistula Back Surgery

I had a spinal dural fistula back surgery a couple years ago and had years of pain and loss of mobility many times prior to surgery. While I was spared becoming a quadriplegic, I have been left with excruciating pain.

Medical marijuana takes away about 80 percent some days and all most eliminates it other days. If not for the option of medical marijuana, I would of been given a list of painkillers that would of ended my quality of life.
I appreciate having a safe and knowledgeable place to go to, to receive my medicine. Thankful for Whyte Cross.


PTSD, anxiety, depression, cancer, insomnia, shoulder and back pain

After years of countless pills that weren’t very effective, I am finally living a more functional, healthy and enjoyable lfe. Medicinal marijuana has enabled me to function and enjoy a better life.

I use CBD for pain, if I’m feeling depressed and broken I use Sativa to uplift, if I’m anxious or have rage I use indica to mellow out and get calm. Educating and keeping a journal will enable you to know what strain(s) work best for you when you’re feeling at your worst.

The staff at Whyte Cross are knowledgeable and very helpful if you’re new to medicinal marijuana they will inform you as to which strain(s) may be most beneficial for you. They provide an invaluable service and treat you with respect.



I have been using cannabis for awhile for my anxiety. Prior to this I had been on almost every kind of anti-depressant/ anxiety medication. Those made me feel so sick, mentally numb and never really helped my really bad anxiety attacks. I was suffering so badly, I was not able to work.

My friend suggested I try cannabis for my anxiety. Not to be cheesy, but it changed my life for the better. I was able to go to work and become myself again. I haven't had an anxiety attack in two years now. Previously I would have an attack every other week. I'm very grateful for this medicine!


Crohn's Disease

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 9 years old & continually suffered despite being prescribed sulfazaprine & daily enemas. Sometimes I would go days without eating; my appetite was non-existent. People don't realize how exhausting it is to battle a chronic illness.

I started using cannabis recreationally at age 16 and it wasn't long until I noticed the benefits. I could eat again! And I actually enjoyed it. My energy levels improved, my mood improved. I enjoyed sitting at with my family at the dinner table again. I could eat at someone else's house, or go out and enjoy a meal with friends. Marijuana helped me feel normal.



I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 11 years ago. I spent several years on several different pharmaceutical drugs and the side effects were horrible. My stomach became very sensitive from all of the medications I was given over the years.

I had tried cannabis recreationally and decided to try using it for the pain. While it did not fully eliminate my pain, it did bring it down to a manageable level. I also found that it helps to calm my stomach sensitivity.

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